What is the height of Tata MegaPixel?


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I am 6’3ft tall. Can I fit in a Tata MegaPixel?

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    The height of Tata MegaPixel was 1405 mm when it was displayed as pure concept car. It will not make its way into mass production and some other car based on the future concept car could make the way into the industry later. The car would not have been comfortable for your height as you will be comfortable in a car with seat height close to 1600 mm. The Tata MegaPixel had a 325 cc petrol engine with a Li-ion battery for enhanced power and mileage. Gearbox used was 4-speed automatic and the seating capacity of the vehicle was 4. It was showcased with safety features like ABS, EBD, airbags and parking sensors and was specifically designed according to the European standards.

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