What is the difference between Yamaah FZ 2010 and FZ 2015?


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What is the difference between Yamaah FZ 2010 and FZ 2015? And which one is better in terms of performance – Yamaha FZ or FZS?

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    FZ 2010 is completely different from the FZ 2015. The bikes share the same name but has nearly everything different. Starting from the frame, the bike comes with a lighter frame in the 2015 आदर्श, which reduces the overall weight by 3 kg. The styling gets different as the new models are more practical, with their tyre huggers and more comfortable riding position. The engine in the 2015 model is the 149 सीसी, fuel injected one, producing 12.9 BHP whereas the older one had a 153 सीसी, carbureted motor producing 13.8 BHP. The paper figures have dropped whereas the overall performance has been refined. The 0-100 times have also been shortened in the new version. The difference between FZ and FZS is only cosmetic, with the same performance under the tank. The new versions have improved a lot over the older ones.

    त्वरित तथ्य – 2015 Yamaha FZ Series

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