What is CBS (Combi Brake System)?


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What is CBS (Combi Brake System)?

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    The CBS is a combination braking system, which as its name say is a braking system combining both the brakes even when one of them is applied. The system connects both the tyres to both the brake levers which further facilitate short braking distance. Suppose you have to brake abruptly on the road and you just apply one of the brakes. The result would be skidding of the vehicle and collision. On the same scene, if you apply both of the brakes together you will develop a balanced brake force resulting in reduced braking distance and lesser chances of collision. The CBS automatically does the job which you have to perform manually at the time of emergency as well as normal braking. CBS has been equipped in all the current Honda scooters, making them the number 1 in terms of sales volume.

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