What could be the problem with my Suzuki Gixxer 2014 आदर्श?


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Hi, I have purchased Suzuki Gixxer in last Dec’14 and now it is almost 2000 KM over and done two free service..Problem is that the bike is not getting a speed more than 85-87 in single drive and it starts vibrating when it crosses the speed of 70 Km..From the service centre they have checked the bike and couldn’t find any problem…क्या समस्या हो सकती है??

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    The Suzuki Gixxer has a top speed of around 114 किलोमीटर प्रति घंटे. You have your bike within the warranty period and you can ask them to replace the bike if they are unable to find a problem. Do not get it fixed from any unauthorized mechanic otherwise the warranty will be void.

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