मारुति वैगनआर LXi की तकनीकी विशिष्टताओं क्या हैं (2009 आदर्श)?


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मारुति वैगनआर LXi की तकनीकी विशिष्टताओं क्या हैं (2009 आदर्श)? and details about filling mobil oil quantity and grade.

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    The Maruti Suzuki WagonR LXi 2009 model had a 1061 सीसी,4-cylinder petrol motor which produced 62 BHP @ 6000 rpm and 84 NM @ 3500 rpm. It came with a 5-speed manual transmission. The car comes with a tall boy design, making it different from all the other petrol hatchbacks. The exact amount of engine oil and grade can be better known from your nearest Maruti Suzuki service center. They will provide you with the right grade of oil which brings longer engine life and increased performance. Also, they will tell you the exact quantity of oil to be used for a one time replacement and the time after which the replacement is to be done.

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