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01. What type of transmission & gear shift and suspension will Tata Hexa have. 02. What will be gear ratios, will it have good low speed torque 03. What about the Head lamps (Will it be as bad as STORME) 04. What about Driver Seat adjustments (3 axis with lumbar support) 05. Quality of body work (Door Rattling & Plastic Quality) 06. Standard fitment Tyre & make 07. Turning Radius 08. Music System 09. Will the rear A/c be REAL split or will it be like STORME, an inferior substitute 10. Will it have TPM (Tyre Pressure Monitor) Most important how about the famous TATA Fit & finish, if it is going to be anything like the storme’s quality, then TATA might as well not launch. TATA’s workmanship and inferior plastic, trims and detailing quality needs correction. TATA fails every time because of this inspite of their good designs and very bad cost cutting measures. I am an ardent TATA enthusiast and have owned every vehicle right from Seirra till Storme..

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