टाटा नैनो GenX XTA में गियर की मुठभेड़ में परेशानी, आसान पारी काम नहीं कर रहा,क्या समस्या हो सकती है?


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I bought a Tata Nano GenX XTA vehicle a month ago. It has run 375 km on the whole till now. The vehicle was kept idle for a week. After that when it was started the engine was running but the car did not move. The auto shift as well as the manual indicated as N only. The gear did not change from neutral to automatic modeAor the reverse mode”R”. We left the car at the dealer at Pondicherry. We were informed by the service manager that the clutch assembly has worn out requires replacement. Kindly advice us…….

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    Rajdeep Singh 7.55कश्मीर ख्याति

    The problem may have occurred due to the faulty part in the manufacturing process. All you need to do is let them work and install the new assembly at no further cost as the vehicle is under the warranty period. You can ask them to change the car but the possibility is very low that they will agree on the first attempt. Hope the assembly works well after the replacement or if it again causes inconvenience, you can surely ask them for a replacement.

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