मैं अपने सुजुकी GS150R अनुकूलित चाहिए?


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Hi, I own a GS150R since 3 years now. I am very happy with my blue beast and i want a new look for my bike now. I ruled out the option of going for a new bike as I know, i will not be satisfied by any other bike. So, Could you please suggest me if it is safe and reliable if i get small customizations like Handle and head light changes? Please share your experience if you had any bike customized.

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    My experience about customization’s say that visual changes have no problem to the ride but when we alter the dynamics of the bike, we are 99 percent in a loss. Changing the handlebar may lead to a problem while turning and tuning the ride height and other dynamics may alter the overall ride quality. You can change your headlight internally but that also needs some extra care as many of the headlights are illegal. You can consult an experienced customization expert for some sort of help, but i will personally suggest for keeping the bike as genuine as possible.

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