Sidharth Ind 3 ख्याति

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am planning to buy a motorcycle since very long. I was looking forward to buy Pulsar as200 or 220. I have used my friends 220 के लिये 1 year and have became quite comfortable with the way it handles. After fiddling for long time I decided I would buy AS as it is more tech advanced. But today I got disappointed as the sales person told me AS200 has failed in the market.

I guess I’ll buy 220. But following are my queries:

Isn’t 220 too old?
Would it be a good idea if I buy a second hand bike? If yes what are the things to be looked before buying a second hand motorcycle?
My uses are limited to traveling to college and occasionally I travel to Himachal from Delhi.
The faired motorcycle saves a lot from wind blasts at high speed.
Are there other bike in this segment to check out before buying one?

Thanking you,

Rajdeep Singh ने जवाब दिया