Problem with the headlights of Yamaha Fazer V2.0?


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I bought Yamaha Fazer V2.0 recently. I noticed that both the head lights are not equally bright. When I asked the dealer about this, he said that it is built that way. Is it true?

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    For every bike with a twin headlight structure, one resembles low beam and the other is for high beam. The one with the low beam will reflect the light downwards, making the area enlightened limited to few meters whereas the high beam side gets a braoader area under its effect. The high beam light is adjusted in such a way that it dazzles the eye and feels more sharp compared to the low beam. Fazer gets a 35W low and high beam, making the bulbs same and the arrangement of reflectors inside the frame in such a way that the beam goes far away from the source.

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      That means one of the head light is low beam and the other is high beam. There’s no problem with it…!

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