My Bajaj Pulsar AS150 skids while braking (rear tyre), what could be the reason?


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I have a Pulsar AS150. The bike is really a great innovation from Bajaj except for the rear braking. The one and only problem with the bike is that the rear wheel skids off even while applying light brake. Could you suggest methods to get over this. Is it because of the smaller tyres? Or with the brakes?


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    Every bike without ABS would skid when you press the brake tightly. No matter it’s tyres are thick or lean, they will get locked in a state and slip all the way till the front brake ends up the effect or the speed comes down to zero. You should apply both the brakes equally in order to get the best out of your brakes. While you will drive the bike more, your foot will have more experience on the lever and you would automatically press it to the locking limit. You can even ask the mechanic to set the wire according to your pressing style.

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