Is Yamaha planning to launch a 125cc or 150cc cruiser bike in India?


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I need to buy a Yamaha cruiser bike in 125 or 150 cc category.

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    Yamaha has no plans for the launch of a 125 cc or 150 cc cruiser bike in India. Yamaha has been focusing on its R series bikes and this year will bring few more R series bikes in India. The confusion created by Yamaha for the launch of R3 and R25 will be cleared in a short time period and then the MT-25 will get its way into India. Bigger bikes are the most interesting sector for India now a days and companies are focusing on lesser volume higher profit agenda. Selling ten 125 cc bikes won’t get the company the profit which 1 superbike will get. Yamaha is focused of race inspired engines and they are fully into the light weight and middle weight category for some time period.

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