Is there some problem with the rear shocker of Bajaj XCD?


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I saw a comment about rear shocker of Bajaj XCD, I want to buy XCD, please give some information about it.

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    The Bajaj XCD has been discontinued a long time back and you would have to buy a used XCD, which would definitely have certain amount of errors in its parts. The rear shocker problem occurs in most of the bikes as dirt keeps on getting deposited on the shockers, making them lesser efficient in few years. the problem can be solved easily by refilling the shocker and applying new seals onto it. The major point of worry on a motorcycle is its engine as everything else can be easily replaced but the engine creates issues like lesser efficiency and power generation. You should get a XCD checked thoroughly before buying and it is even advised to get it checked once from an experienced mechanic. You have option between various engines ike 125 cc and 135 cc on the XCD.

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