वहाँ के लिए धुले में डैटसन गो किसी भी डीलर है, महाराष्ट्र?


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    The nearest dealer for Datsun from Dhule, Maharashtra is nearly 128 kms from the city, making it non-practical for you to go for Datsun. Aurangabad and Nashik are having the Datsun showrooms, making both of them out of the reach from Dhule. Datsun Go is a 7 seater, making it good for 5-adults and 2 children, below the age of 10. You can even consult your nearest Nissan showroom for more information on the stuff. The Datsun Go comes with the same engine as the Datsun Go, making it good for 67 BHP and a increase in 38 kg can be seen in its body weight. The car comes in 4 variants and the range starts from INR 3,26,000.

    Datsun Go Plus – The Spirit of the Risers

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