केटीएम उनके आर सी लांच करने जा रहा है 250 और ड्यूक 250 भारत में किसी भी समय जल्दी ही?



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I want a fully faired bike and was confused between the RC 390 और आर सी 200. RC 200 lacks power while RC 390 has those refinement, vibrations and heating issue. I heard KTM introduced their RC and duke 250 series in Japan so my concerns are- 1) Launch date in India? 2) Refinement, vibrations and heating issue still present in RC 250? 3) ABS or not? 4) And the million dollar question, “Kitna deti hai”?

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    KTM is expected to launch their new 250cc bikes in the end of 2015 or by the start of 2016. Vibrations and heating issues will be cleared after their testing rounds complete. It will be ABS equipped and the mileage is expected to be around 25 kmpl. Overall power will significantly rise than the 200 cc RC model with further improvements to the driving stats also.

    KTM RC 250 – जीन रेसिंग

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