Is it Advisable to Buy Yamaha Crux in Bangalore?


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I am planning to buy Yamaha crux bike for daily office use purpose in Bangalore traffic conditions. Looking for good mileage and reasonable price. Please give review about new Yamaha crux and suggest any other bikes too.

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    Yes, Yamaha Crux is advisable for daily office use as it can easily wade through most of the traffic conditions with its slim and classic body design. It comes with the most reasonable price in a entry level commuter motorcycle, making it for INR 39,667. It comes with a 106 सीसी, air cooled single cylinder engine producing 7.5 बीएचपी और 7.5 टोक़ के एनएम. यह इसके साथ आता है 90 kmph top speed and a 60 kmpl लाभ. The bike also has a light weight approach, with its 113 kg of body weight only. यह इसके साथ आता है 160 mm of ground clearance and a upright seating position. You can definitely for the Crux for easy city riding.

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