Is Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler a good bike?


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Is Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler a good bike? What about the performance?

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    YES, CB Unicorn Dazzler is a good bike.It has great performance and stability. THE main reason for discontinuing dazzler was lack of kick, sometimes it has a starting problem and due to this reason people were afraid of buying this bike and due to poor sales of the bike HONDA discontinued it and launched CB Trigger, which is the replacement of Dazzler, ELSE Honda Dazzler is one of the best bikes in its segment.

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      Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler was a good bike but its promotion was not done in an influential manner and thus the sales were so low that it was discontinued. The new bike in place of the Dazzler is the new Honda CB Trigger. The performance of the bike has increased and the new version comes with a more refined engine. Also its facelift has been planned as it is not selling in satisfactory numbers.

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