I’m planning to buy an 150 cc bike, which one should I buy?


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Preferring Bajaj Pulsar 150 Dtsi or TVS Apache RTR 160 Hyper Edge. My expectations are good engine reliability, low maintenance,long vehicle life, mileage – 50 kmpl in normal driving conditions. So please suggest a better bike from the above two bikes which will meet my expectations.. All advices are welcome…

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    Starting from the design part, Apache reflects a bold and sporty look whereas Pulsar is neither too dull nor flashy. The Pulsar features a street-oriented riding position but its low clip-on handlebars puts strain on the shoulders while riding for long duration. The Apache gets clip-on handlebars and slightly rear-set foot pegs which are bit more accommodating for the rider.

    There is not much difference in performance of the two bikes except the build-up speed. The Pulsar finds it hard to accelerate hard initially. दूसरी ओर, Apache has got a strong acceleration right from low revs till the limiter.

    The mileage for Pulsar is around 40 kmpl in city rides and 50 kmpl on highways. दूसरी ओर, mileage for Apache comes out to be 35 kmpl in city and 45 kmpl on highway. Apache of course has a better riding and handling ability than Pulsar. The shorter wheelbase of Apache lets you take turns with minimal effort. Although it is really a close call but if you want a bike priced below Rs 75,000 with excellent that performance and handling in everyday riding then Apache RTR 160 would be the right choice.

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