मैं एक बजाज पल्सर 220F उपयोग कर रहा हूँ,,en,बाइक भयानक लेकिन सामने मुखौटा कंपन न है।,,en,इसे कैसे जोड़ेंगे,,en…. The Bike is awesome but front mask vibrates.. how to fix it?


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*How to FIX it?

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    Pulsar 220F is an excellent motorcycle and its semi faired design sometimes irritates the rider with its rattling sound. It happens when the screws get loose and this happens most of the times when they are tightened after a regular service. You can ask the person who services your bike to tighten all the screws and end the problem. Sometimes, red-lining the bike creates a lot of vibration throughout the body and results in a temporary rattle of the body. This cannot be corrected as there would be no noise till 6,000 rpm, post which the bike produces extra ordinary vibrations.

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