How to make a car bullet-proof?


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How to make a car bullet-proof?

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    Bulletproof cars are the most desired vehicles by everyone who thinks that their security is under threat. Making a car bullet proof takes a lot of effort as whole of the car is unbolted and the work starts from scratch. The main motive is to do the alteration in such a way that it looks normal from outside and inside. The major changes include inserting ballistic nylon and Kevlar into the doors. High strength steel is used in order to put the things to the next level. The glass used on these vehicles is called as transparent armor as it is a mixture of polycarbonate and leaded glass. The tyres used on the cars have the run flat ability making them escape the scene with no air into them. The whole system adds a lot of weight to the car, which leads to a need of better engine and therefore all the things are effected with the same. You can opt for special edition armor cars otherwise customization is the only way out.

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