How is the sound of the Hero Hastur 620 and can we put extra vibrational sound silencer… R1 and Hayabusa?


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    Hero Hastur has not been spotted in a production ready avatar. Its sound would be below the government directed NVH levels and putting a loud silencer for more noise would be strictly prohibited in the coming days. The time till the Hastur will be arrive, the officials will ban the use of aftermarket exhaust system as they have currently fined some riders as well as the garages who are involved in these cases. I expect that the exhaust note of the Hastur would be good enough that it does not require modifications to its exhaust system. It will get its power from a powerful 2-cylinder 620 सीसी इंजन उत्पादन 79 बीएचपी और 72 टोक़ के एनएम. It would most probably debut in 2016 as a mass production ready version.

    आप सभी हीरो Hastur 620cc सड़क बाइक के बारे में पता करने की आवश्यकता

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