मैं कैसे स्पाइस XLIFE M5 में क्षुधा डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं?


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This mobile also have play store but whenever I open it, it always shows that connection timed out. Play store also shows same when there is internet connection in this mobile, क्या समस्या हो सकती है?

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    You can try downloading applications directly from the internet. You will get apk files for most of the popular applications and this will ensure that the problem comes in from the operating system or the google play store. If they work properly, you can check whether the play store has its latest version or not as many times problems persist due to outdated versions only. Even if then the problem persists, you can reset your phone and check whether after that the same problem is being faced or not. If the issue still continues to be there, you can contact the spice customer care for a fixed solution, which they will most probably refer to the nearest service center. You can even check it over multiple network connection for the sure shot problem detection as if it works on a new network, your old network would be responsible for the error.

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