Guys tell me, which one should I buy – Yamaha R15 or Suzuki Gixxer 155?


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    The best option out of both the selected bikes is the Yamaha R15. The bikes are having a lot of differences between them as they are made to target two different types of riders. Gixxer provides a relaxed ride whereas the R15 keeps you connected to the road with its aggressive riding position and an urge to pull the bike as much as possible. It comes with a 149.8 cc liquid cooled engine producing 16.8 बीएचपी और 15 टोक़ के एनएम. It gets an advantage of 6-speed transmission, ईंधन इंजेक्शन, a rear disc brake and aerodynamic fairing. दूसरी ओर, the Gixxer wins on mileage with a 5-10 km extra mileage on each liter. R15 comes with a price tag of INR 1,14,241.

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