From where can I buy 2016 Honda CB150R Streetfire in USA?


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Hello, I am currently living in Seattle, WA USA, and I would like to buy 2016 Honda CB150R Streetfire, so can someone please tell me where I can find it in US? Thanks so much.

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    The 2016 Honda CB150R Streetfire has not yet been launched in USA. The bike may get launched later but currently their is no such announcement yet. The bike comes with 149.16 cc liquid cooled and fuel injected engine, producing 16.8 BHP @ 9,000 rpm and 13.8 NM @ 7,000 rpm. it comes with a 6-speed manual transmission and 12 liters of fuel tank. सामने डिस्क ब्रेक के उपाय 276 mm and the rear is 220 mm. यह हो जाता है एक 100 section front and 130 section rear tyre, with 17 इंच मिश्र धातु पहियों. Seat height is pretty good at 797 mm and the bike weighs 136 kg, when dry.

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