For how many kms can I ride my Yamaha FZ (2010 mode) continuously on highway?


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For how many kms can I ride my Yamaha FZ (2010 mode) continuously?

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    The FZ 2010 model can be driven for a continuous 500 km stretch before it will ask you for a refill. बाइक एक साथ आता है 12 liter fuel tank and returns a mileage of 40+ kmpl while being driven on mixed traffic conditions. The bike is powered by a 153 सीसी, 1 cylinder engine producing 13.8 बीएचपी और 13.6 टोक़ के एनएम. It was the best bike of its time as it came with extra wide tyres for better road grip and high performance. The bike came with a front disc brake and the other bikes including FZS and Fazer were based on the same frame and engine. You can ride the bike for even more kilometers after a refill as engine are heavily tested for long and tiring rides.

    त्वरित तथ्य – Yamaha FZ Version 1.0

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      About 100-150 kilometers. After that you’ll get exhausted or the bike will be overheating.

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