For booking an upcoming bike, is the payment part of the bike’s cost?


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Mahindra Mojo bookings begin at a token amount of Rs 10,000. Is this Rs 10,000 part of the cost of the bike or is it an extra amount that is paid to get the bike early?

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    The upcoming bikes are booked at a certain amount even before its actual price details. Most of the bookings are refundable if you find that the price of the bike is more than what you have expected for the same. If you are interested in buying the bike, the price is adjusted in the cost of the bike. For example, the new Honda CBR650F came with a booking amount of INR 50,000 which will be later subtracted from its INR 7,30,000 ex-showroom price. The effective price of INR 6,80,000 would be paid afterward and other charges like registration and insurance cost is also added to the same cost.

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      • Thanks a lot. I assume the same holds true for all the bikes, even the ones made in India.




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