Everyone knows about the all-new Bajaj Pulsar AS200……What about Pulsar NS200? Discontinued or not?


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Everyone knows about the all-new Bajaj Pulsar AS200……What about Pulsar 200NS? Discontinued or not?

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    Bajaj is in the process of discontinuing the 200NS ….and it is very true after the launch of the AS 200..the best Pulsars were the models that launched between round headlights till the year 2004 since they never compromised on quality.. And now since they know people are no way going to buy their bikes, they have compromised a lot on quality.

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      Pulsar 200NS is the game changer for Bajaj since its arrival, IT’S NOT been discontinued but it re-achieved some color changes.

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        I think that NS200 should keep going on its way because it’s a cool machine for stunt lovers and today also 30% stunt guys buy Pulsar 200 एन एस.

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          Recently I bought AS200. First time I had gone to showroom to book 200NS, but there one guy told that Bajaj has launched new version AS200, Which is modified version of NS200 with added feature & price of this bike is same as NS200 & Bajaj will discontinue 200NS & also Bajaj is planning to increase price of AS200 by 3-4k in next few months.

          I don't think Bajaj will discontinue NS200 cause buyer of 200NS & AS200 are different, If Bajaj is planning to increase price of AS200 then definitely Bajaj will not discontinue 200NS model. cause Bajaj is trying to cover all category buyers, that’s why they have launched different versions with same engine, E.g. NS-Naked street- for city riders AS-Adventure Sport- for Tourers (With some off-road capability) RS-Race Sport- for racing enthusiastic CS- Cruiser sport-For lovers of cruiser bikes

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