Does Bajaj Pulsar AS200 has any chain problem?


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    I own AS200. This bike is designed for adventure riding keeping in mind. This bike does not have any problems except company fitted Eurogrip tyres, which offers durability than grip. I will not say this is performance bike but this is Practical bike which you can use in any situations. This is a Best affordable commuter+touring machine.

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      Bajaj Pulsar AS200 does not face any of the problems related to chain or any other moving part. It has been made with keeping in mind the importance of ride quality as it is meant for riding at tough times in tough situations. The bike comes with an excellent 199.5 सीसी, 1-cylinder liquid cooled engine, producing 23.17 बीएचपी और 18.3 टोक़ के एनएम. It is built on the underpinnings of the famous 200NS, thereby sharing the same production line. It comes with a 6-speed gearbox for better shifting and a windshield for better wind protection. It comes with a projector head lamp for better low light visibility and a tuned suspension for all road comfort. The price tag stays at INR 91,550.

      Bajaj Pulsar AS200 – Adventure Never Stops

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