Can the rear seats of Tata Winger school bus be folded?


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Can the rear seats of Tata Winger school bus be folded? अगर हाँ, then can I have a photo of it

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    The rear seats of the Tata Winger school bus cannot be folded. The Winger is the India’s first MaxiVan and promises most comfortable ride for every passenger. The school bus version comes with a 13 seat front facing architecture and comes with an effective braking system also. It comes with fog lamps for better and safe riding in winter conditions. It comes with a lower maintenance cost and a very effective 1948 सीसी डीजल इंजन उत्पादन 90 BHP @ 4300 rpm and 190 NM @ 2000 rpm. The Winger comes with an option of AC, making every ride most comfortable one. Tata claims a fuel efficiency of 10.71 kmpl, which in real life conditions go down between 7-8 kmpl. It is priced at INR 7,00,000.

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