Can I fit a saree guard in Suzuki Gixxer?


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Can I fit a saree guard in Suzuki Gixxer?

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    Rajdeep Singh 697 ख्याति

    Saree guard is a mandatory accessory for a bike to travel on Indian roads. Every manufacturer has made its bike according to the rules are provisions for the saree guard are always there. You can contact your nearest dealer and get the saree guard fixed to your motorcycle. The bike comes with open chain design and high seat height, making it difficult for a lady wearing saree to sit comfortably. It not just only protects the cloth from being touched by the moving parts, it also provides a more relaxed siting position. The grab rails and saree guard are the only 2 ways of travelling in comfort by a saree wearing pillion.

    Suzuki Gixxer – The Street Sport Bike

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