Apps like Contacts and Phone does not show details, क्या समस्या हो सकती है?


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I have bought Colors K11 mobile six months back. When I switch off my mobile, Apps like Contacts and Phone does not show details like contact lists, call history etc. The apps buffer for a couple of days and then details will appear. Could you kindly provide me the solutions of the problem?

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    The problem would be a software issue and you can check whether it is correctable by resetting your phone. The reset can be performed from the settings menu and it will erase everything from your phone. The phone works on android version 4.2, making it easy to reset and operate instantly. You can check if the problem is gone or it still persists. If you face the same problem, you can refer to your user guide for the nearest service center and ask for the more durable solution to the problem. You can even check for a system update before erasing your phone as patches are many a times provided by the company itself.

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