होंडा की किसी भी योजना भारत में CBR150R के नए रंग योजना शुरू करने के लिए?


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I am planning to buy a new CBR 150R, but I am not satisfied with the current colour scheme as I can get better colours in R15. wanna know if Honda has any plans for launch of new colour scheme in CBR 150R so that I can wait for it and fulfill my ambition of having a Super Sports Bike of my choice of colour scheme! Please Reply Ty 🙂

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    Honda is planning for the launch of a new CBR150R in the year 2015. The major changes in the sport bike would be the dual headlight cluster in the front, availability of new colors and a much refined engine than the 2014 version of CBR150R. You can wait for some time and the new bike will satisfy all the styling needs you miss in the current version.

    2015 Honda CBR150R – Live to Race!

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