Am planning to buy Hyundai Creta, which one is best: Petrol or Diesel?


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    Hyundai Creta comes with three engine options- 1.6-liter diesel, 1.6L petrol and 1.4-litre diesel. The 1.6L Creta diesel packs 265 Nm of torque and gives a sportier drive. It is more free-revving and mid-range punch is more pronounced than a petrol engine. Coming to the petrol engine, the positive attributes of this engine are its NVH characteristics. It’s extremely smooth, the noise is well controlled and vibrations are non-existent. The torque band of this engine is narrow. In-gear acceleration, even at speeds from 80 km/h in 5th gear feels very slow and overtaking almost always requires shifting down one or two gears. So, the diesel engine Hyundai Creta is a better one to buy.

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